About Us

Din Magazine
An Online Journal of Literature and Fine Art

Din is the noise made by the undergraduates at New Mexico State University, coming to you every year delivering literature and art by new authors to new audiences.

But Din is bigger than us. Din is the blending of individuals and community, a commotion of ideas, a cacophony of senses, an excess of tastes both savory and sweet. Din is a noisy kitchen at work, the clatter of dinner plates that means the first bite of blueberry pie is about to meet your tongue. Din is our organizational strategy and our aesthetic; we serve up a reading experience, showcasing work that combines artistry with immediacy, the pure experience and the accompanying noise.

Din is looking for repeat customers. Share us (Facebook link), review us (blog link), send us your comments. The staff can be reached at dinmagazine@gmail.com, or through the links above. Or just holler — help us make some noise.