Flash of lightning blown from cloud broken black


above the lake, a summer rain that swells

our river into yards, the flotsam bard's

cathartic shout from nebulae that spells


his name on nature's brow has flown like cards

we spread across the rug to read (the door

open they lifted out the window up

the way and into houses), flower store


of dim clapboard faces like a turnip

arose in the wake of circumstances.

Like wooden train bridges, trestles rotten


with lack of use, we forget synapsis

and white grain elevators, those ripe ten


floors or more, echo chambers like wind chimes


Innocent / Original

I am the men that make a leader:

so split down the middle with a mean streak

we are a road transporting, the length of a whip.


All those weak female roles

will never testify against me.

Impostor — I mouth it

watching her through a screen

playing with my balls. "I'm Kirk,"

I step out and say. "Give me brandy,


I am a thoughtless brutal animal

ready to eat and willing to gorge.

Now you stop your crying, you stop pretending —

the good boy's been dead.


I'm not so different

just one more duplicate

lugging around my corpse."