I tasted the dirt first

under my tongue,reaching

out from splits in our lips.

earth revealing grit in every crevice

our bodies, in every intoxicating beverage.

blisters on your feet, hard

dirt, rubbing up and down

my calves, so calming.

Fire lights burning our faces,

our hands frostbitten.
full-bodied laughter behind my cowgirl hat.

so much, my body ached ecstasy.

Everyone around, in their world

sharing ours. Our secret home,

expressed freely in front of strangers and friends alike.


Picking litter and twigs from our hair.

sleeping with Nimbo,

                                         he stole your pillow and

trekking sand in our sheets.

It didn't matter,

              I wanted heat, his fur covered body.


He wanted that heat too: our bodies created.

Sunburned faces and skin, water-raw

Tangled hair and limbs. Heat exhaustion,

                                                                              but we did not waste


a minute of the day. Hard work, hauling rocks,

split finger tips touching skin.