Table of Contents

Visual Arts

Justin Aerni - Bad Intentions | Ronald Likes Em Young | Even Mice Bleed, visual arts

Chris Bardey - Matrix Feels Alive, visual arts

Jade Boswell - Boating, painting

Michael Block - Solar System | UFO, visual arts

Eric Cameron - Watches & Waltzes, video

Michael Harrell and Phillip Harrell -Be Still Life, video

Kayla Krattiger - Queen, visual arts

Vanessa Lowe - Taking Its Place, photo

Eric McKinley - Three untitled images, visual arts

Cristopher Mortensen - Peering | The Dark Situation | Six Feet Under, photos

Stephanie Vasquez - Oilpaint | Prisma-le Roi Soleil | Charcoal Masks, visual arts


Sheila Black - Meal | Little Grief | Drown, poems

Colin Andrew Bailey - certainly | my god! We have false teeth, poems

Noah Boswell - Ever Ugly | My Naughty Planet | Salty God, poems

Robert Chaney - At Dick's General | Words Then, poems

Paul Dahlgren - Candle | The Last Piece of Candy, poems

Aaron Daugherty - Monument | Gravity, poems

Naomi Estrada - Meditation | Some Day I Will Salute | Wet Commotion, poems

Julie Ford - The Engineer and the Poet, poem

Paul French - Running Across Walls, poem

Esin Goldman - tanka, haiku

Michelle Granger - Since They Took the Carousel from the Park | I Want to Build a Boat from a Puzzle | Neo-Realist's Impression, poems

Michael Harrell - Language

Alheli Harvey - National Forests & Monuments

Lindsey Jones - Dirty, poem

Bryant Million - Dramma Giocoso | Inside There, is a Rumbling | Cold Fly, poems

Judy Isabel Parra - tranny transient talk, poem

Camilo Roldán - June | Innocent/Original, poems

Zeltzyn Rubi Sanchez Lozoya - Lonesome is someone we both know really well, poem

Carrie Tafoya - Worship the Moon | Division | The Uncovered | The Creation of Jade, poems

Charity C. Tran - Shaking My Fist at Robert Frost, poem


Floydd Michael Elliott -Clouds Being Torn By Mountains, prose

Michelle Herrera - Hometown Hero, fiction

Lindsey Jones - Lilliana's Game, fiction

Robert Scharer -A Day In Time, fiction

Karen Trujillo -Breast Tissue, fiction


Cadence! - Unbreakable | All Hearts Make a Flush | Maria, songs