Here She Goes

Her thoughts march as steel-toed butterfly
would across four-mile electromagnetic flower
petal. And O! it is so, so hard to think thoughts when
ground hog throws remains of popsicle stick house
down from rafters. What child would suffer
of its playground? And semi-truck parked
outside window runs idle, awaiting sweet good
morning, she puts table spoon of butter in
cup of scotch, but it doesn't seem to soothe idleness
nor desire for favorite candy. She reads
from orange book
and then green one and then so famous
black one with gold-lined pages. She counts out
dollar sixty-five in two nickels one dime
and rests in pennies. Then she lies on
back to begin to dream with tongue
instead of cheek
while household dusts (ninety percent her own
little flakes of skin) land secretly in her eye.

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Bryant Million
Floating River Dam