Node to Film Theory Essays

The philosophical essay on existentialism written through the lens of film theory.
The essay on the many faces of Thelma & Louise.
The essay on a semantic/syntactic approach to genre.
The essay on the fat woman who plays a fat woman,
who being an unruly woman,
is still the Domestic Goddess
on a sitcom called Roseanne.
The essay on gender, genre, and myth in Thelma & Louise.
The essay about a portrait on Crawford that gathers one image in three dimensions
used to explain the theory on how stars are made;
who is Jean Crawford again?
The essay I alt+f4.
The essay on the rhetoric of Stagecoach
that had nothing to do with the written word or persuasive speech.
The essay I will have to read on the appropriation of the gaze in Thelma & Louise.
The essay by Andre Bazin, a French man.
The essay on the making of Brad Pitt in Thelma & Louise.
The essay on Men, Women, and Chainsaws -
actually you were probably my favorite so far:
how the enshrined head of Mrs. Voorhees, stops Jason mid-chase and
how Michael breaks through the closet
to get stabbed in the eye by Laurie and
how Leather face carries a big knife and
how all the pretty girls get fucked
and fucked
and killed;
but there is one -
The Final Girl
who neglects her sexual desires
only to get chased, cornered, wounded,
who at last looks death straight in the face,
grabs the nearest sharp object
and finally kills
his body,

Now that's what I call an essay.

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